Martin Hill


Remnants is a work by Hubbub focused on the journey surrounding an idea. Beginning with individual processes of simplification an emerging idea of how we as humans communicate arose. We focused on the the idea that fundamentally we communicate with and interpret the world through the lens of our emotions.


Our exhibition is an artistic representation of the brain and what we imagine communication and thought processes might look like. The audience is invited to interact by pulling on the rope extending down into the space. This directly effects the neurons, sending a flurry of light and sounds throughout the brain network .


Where to From Here?

This has been an incredible journey of realisation and I feel that in this one semester I have learnt so much about who I am and why I do things the way I do them even if it is to my determent at times. The installation has its flaws but I feel at this stage it reflects the process and the stage that we are at right now. In saying that I love the depth of the concept and can see us developing this further. The next stage would focus on the user interaction and creating meaningful experiences. I could see this being a larger structure in an outdoor environment that allows discussion to happen around the concept.



Have a look at these blog entries for a better understanding of my thinking through-out this process. It also provides a behind the scenes look at this current work