Martin Hill

Life Without Limits is community of dreamers, makers and innovators that aspire to bring change regarding the limitations people face. It aims to empower the community to push through the obstacles they face and live out their dreams.


This community brings together creative makers, industry experts and those with a need, to develop limitation breaking solutions. By working together we can achieve more. A big part of this is how these limitation breaking stories are told across multiple platforms inspiring others to reach further than they  dared before.


For more information see the documents below:

Life Without Limits Philosophies

Social Media Strategy

Where to From Here?

This has been an incredible journey with so much positive support. I am being very ambitious with this project but believe that we can make it happen. Here is a quick look at what more I would like to achieve by the end of this year:


  • Add closed captioning to our short film (feedback from people with hearing impairment)
  • Hold a Life Without Limits Dreaming and Scheming Gathering
  • Develop our visual identity and website
  • Reach out to Media
  • Connect with industry partners (in particular who want to support the development of the chariot


Have a look at these blog entries for a better understanding of my thought process. It also provides a behind the scenes look at this current work