Martin Hill

Connect Here

This project explores the connections between people and place. How do people relate to the place that they are in? The influence that people have on how others view that place.


We have started by exploring places in the Auckland region that have personal importance to us. Where we live, work and study. Now we are beginning to find how others connect through interactive engagements. We have discovered that many people’s connections with the place come from their relationships with the people that are there.


I am particularly interested in a 'Participatory Action Research' methodology where we connect directly with the audience to create the work. I like these interactions where the audience feels that they can contribute rather than us imposing our own ideas on them. It interests me to see how people interact with our work.

Interactive Engagements

We are conducting research in the form of interactive engagements with people from various places around the Auckland region. It has been specifically designed in such a way that it encourages creative responses.


An example of this is an exercise we conducted at  Kedgley Intermediate in Papatoetoe. We asked the students to choreograph sounds and movements based on an image of a place in Auckland. I worked closely with this group in particular because they were really struggling to grasp the idea at the beginning. Their thinking was very surface level. They had an image car and couldn't think about anything else but to become the car. I told them to forget about the car and instead look at the relationships between the things in the image, the trees for example. What affect does each of these things have on each other. After that this is what they came up with for their performance.

Have a look at these blog entries for a better understanding of my process and the thinking that has gone into this. It also provides a behind the scenes look at this current work